Recommended Thermal Duplicators

The S8® Stencil Printer manufactured by Brother Mobile Solutions is compatible with Spirit® Thermal Paper and S8® RED Thermal Paper. For more information visit S8TATTOO.COM!


We service the following 3M machines:

  • 3M Transparency Maker
  • 3M Thermo-fax  
  • 3M Statement Maker
  • 3M Secretary

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TIM creates detailed copies of templates and drawings in a few seconds. A must for every professional tattoo studio! The template transfer is very easy thanks to TIM and allows a quick and easy repositioning of the motif at any time.

TIM has been prepared over the last year with the help of 3D CAD and the latest software control perfectly for use in tattoo studios. Continuous quality assurance and regular factory inspections ensure the quality of our production.

110 or 220 Volt

Made in Germany 


Made in Germany, Panenka machines are rugged and remind us quite a bit of the old Thermofax machines in their simplicity and in the fact that they are an old-school "thermal" style burner. 

These machines burn very clearly, are easy to clean and keep jam free, and are compatible with North American power outlets with 20 amp fuse. They can be purchased through most tattoo supply retailers. In addition, Panenka maintains a website with great videos on use and maintenance. 

Panenka Design Products Munich
Hauptstr. 7A, D-85649 Brunnthal
Brunnthal Germany 85649